How We Recruit

I.A. Consulting has a recruiting model called CC&N which translates to Cold Calling and Networking. We have had our clients specifically point out their competitors and talent they would like to find and we have done specific cold calling searches based on that criteria. It gives us a good feeling knowing we have hit the target with our specific client search. On the networking side we have partnered with local User Groups and Diversity Organizations to make sure we are hitting the pockets of talent that our staffing competition does not have relationships with. Many of our competitors utilize job boards, but at I.A. Consulting we feel that searching for the best of the best through CC&N is what we specialize in. Each of our recruiters has experience working with Software, Hardware, Telecommunications, Voice and Data personnel from a mid-level to a CIO level position. I.A. Consulting is not a resume shop and does not send more than 2 resumes per position.

Turnaround Time

We have a 72 hour turnaround time in which we present the resume of a candidate and have the candidate ready for a phone or personal interview. This RTT (Rapid Turnaround Time) is beneficial for our clients and our candidates to fill positions quickly and efficiently.